Submission Guidelines is seeking submissions for contributing new or published writers:

Articles need to focus on Earth and space sciences, solar systems, and other universes, such as the people making or supporting these issues, how these issues have effected your home, school, work, or life, and what the future for space travel will mean. Any direct or indirect personal experiences with one of these issues will be considered.

Articles need to be at least 350 words in length, but need not extend over 2,000 words. For articles citing statistics or quotes, a "Works Cited" will need to be added at the bottom.

A byline and short biography of the author will be given at the end of the article. You may include two links for further study, and, if you choose, an email address for reader contact. will agree to publish your submission on the web-site with a one-time right for publication. It will also be posted in the archives on site. Article copyright will remain yours to do with as you please, leaving you the ability to publish it on other sites. reserves the right to edit the article after submission only in checking for spelling or grammatical errors.

If your desire is to publish an article on science, biology, animal or environmental issues, please submit according to guidelines.

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