Rockets, satellites, planets and solar system explorations, dark matter and black holes. People, space shuttle, ISS and telescopes discovering the universe.

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Cepheids: Star Measures and Variables

ENC Online: Best selection of K-12 mathematics & science curriculum resources.

MII: K-12 Earth science lesson plans for teachers. Need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see or print the lessons.

When space makes you dizzy:
Landing a spaceship is not a good time for a pilot to feel dizzy.

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A comprehensive free resource packed with dozens of guides, tools and techniques.

It's easy to tell which way is up and which way is down...or is it? In the freefall of space travel, there's no pull of gravity to tell your body which way is which. Most astronauts and cosmonauts experience some motion sickness when they first arrive in orbit. NASA is studying why.

Collectology - the collecting of science

"Tis education forms the common mind; Just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined." --Pope

Visitor Seeks Help: "Ok here it is. What if for some weird cosmic joke we here on Earth are the first sentient life forms in the universe? What does that mean? Are we searching for something that doesn't exist anywhere else? What are our responsibilities as the first? What does that mean in regards to UFO's? Are we seeing things that are not there? What do we do if we finally find someone else who is farther behind than us? What do we teach them and not teach them? The only real answer I can find is it is funner to have a more advanced race in the universe than us. Someone who will teach us how to overcome our weaknesses. Fix problems we haven't figured out ourselves. But does it being funner make it true?" by Roy Aspinwall. If you would like to leave an answer, go to the Comments page and mail your thoughts.


NASA Launches New Educational Multimedia Adventure for Children.

LIVELIER lessons with Netd@ys Europe 2002.

THE European Space Agency is asking you to Take a chance to write the future.

Explore the Planetary Sciences at the NSSDC.

Learning about space and agriculture. OR for more information and/or to obtain the information pack check the Tellus mission website.

NOTICE: (1) Go to be a part of history for Mars: In the summer of 2003, NASA will launch two Mars Exploration Rovers that will land on the Red Planet in January 2004. To enter the contest, you'll need to provide names for one or both of the rovers, then write an essay explaining why those names should be chosen for the rovers.

(2) Explore Mars Now is a newly formed non profit organization, Nexterra, Inc. Explore the planet Mars with realistic habitats, rockets, ground cars and robots. Interactive site with exceptional images and layout for discovering and visiting the planet Mars from planet Earth.

(3) Thor Heyerdahl was one of the great explorers of our day. His determination and perseverance are left as constant reminders to us to delve into the wonders of science. Come read more about yesterday's and today's explorers! Liftoff to Space Exploration

(4) Using data from the Ulysses spacecraft, researchers have discovered that high-energy particles from the Sun sometimes go in unexpected directions--a result with important implications for the safety of both astronauts and satellites. More Science at Nasa.

3, 2, 1...Liftoff

Explore and discover planets, stars, the solar system and surrounding galaxies, rockets, satellites, the spaceshuttles, the ISS, astronauts, black holes, asteroids, comets, meteors, alien environments, space missions and future interplanetary travels.

Visit Spacelink covers space science research in attempting to solve the mysteries of the universe.
NASA selects Stanford team to design and direct major solar experiment for 2007 launch.

Current status reports and launch schedules from Kennedy. Press for liftoff!



Top News in Space:

Jeneene Sams, NASA Space Product Development Program.
Finding life away from Earth will be tough task, says noted paleontologist

Wireless network boosts supernova search to stellar first year.

Farthest Known Planet Opens the Door For Finding New Earths

Colorado researchers find stellar cocoons in surprisingly harsh environment.

Astronomers identify new type of star.

Next-generation solar cells could put power stations in space.

Digital sky survey shedding light on faint Milky Way stars.

Evolution of Galaxy-Spanning Magnetic Fields.

Coronal activity may be 'buried alive' in red giant stars, say Colorado researchers

Distant Ring of Stars Found Around the Milky Way Could Explain How the Galaxy Was Assembled 10 Billion Years

Which ringed planet...!?: VLT obtains unusual view of well-known solar system object.

'Dark energy' dominates the universe.

Volcanoes on Jovian moon spew salt into atmosphere - Discovery explains 1970s observation of sodium above.

Robotic telescope catches best record yet of optical afterglow of gamma-ray burst.

Astronauts to fight fire with fog during January Space Shuttle flight.

Antarctic ice seals life's fate.

Astronomers discovered a giant disk of hot, X-ray emitting gas in the elliptical galaxy NGC 1700. Courtesy of Thomas Statler
Jupiter-like planets formed in hundreds – not millions – of years, study shows

No shortage of mysteries on Venus.

Hunt for life on Mars dealt another blow.

Milky Way monster stars in cosmic reality show.

Microorganism isolated in space.

Earth Likely Spared from One Form of Cosmic Doom

The Sun Does the Wave

Black Holes Form First, Galaxies Follow: New Quasar Study

Moon's early history may have been interrupted by big burp, geophysicists claim

Astronomers poised to apply novel way to look for comets beyond Neptune.

"There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which taken at the flood leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries." -Shakespeare

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