The International Project for Radio Meteor Observation

by Hiroshi Ogawa, Japanese Radio Meteor Observer

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Hello all, I'm Hiroshi Ogawa, Japanese Radio Meteor Observer. I send the report to RMOB and meteorobs mailing-list. Last year, many observers helped this project. Thank you very much !! In this year, I plan the project, too !! Please participate in this project. You can see more information on website. If you have a question, please ask me.

Radio Meteor Observation is possible to observe at all times even if it is bad weather or daytime. In addition, by unifying worldwide data, it become possible to monitor whole meteor activity.

The monitoring and announcement of meteor activity at all times is very important. Therefore, this project provides information about meteor activity by using mailing-lists and homepage. Finally, everyone can use project's data such as "Data Library".

Last year, there were 91 sites in 15 countries. This project became global project. We are analyzing observational data now, and we find very interesting results.

In this year, this project will monitor Perseids and Leonids. In addition, we are also thinking Geminids and Quadrantids.

Perseids maximum comes on 12/13th August. You can participate in this project now !! The subscription page and more information are following pages.

  • About Perseids Project.
  • Subscription page
  • About Leonids Project