New ESA Telecommunications specialist website

by European Space Agency

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The ESA Telecommunications specialist website has been substantially improved. The emphasis is on business-to-business opportunities with information and links to new support facilities.

The new look and feel has been designed to follow that of the ESA homepages.

All the activities of ESA Telecommunications are based on a long term plan that consists of eight programme lines. These lines cover the main strategic areas of the Telecommunications department.

Newcomers to ESA will find it easier to navigate to the support centres that have been set up to help. These are designed to provide services to start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) wanting to enter the satellite communications sector.

The User Support Office (USO) provides the instruments and facilities that help entrepreneurial initiatives to flourish in the space telecommunication business. It provides assistance with promotion, online information and training on how to work with ESA, and a support environment that gives access to information and technical resources.

The New Media Centre (NMC) will offer a test and development environment for services, applications and equipment which combine any of the traditional disciplines of telecommunications (multimedia, mobile or broadcast), navigation and Earth imaging, and employ satellite communications in some form.

More emphasis has been given to consultation with industry for the steering of research and development (R&D) and standardization. A Special Interest Groups section of the website has been set up to deal with such issues.