Minolta Planetariums bring space into sight

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Langenhagen - With the success of its image information and optical products, Minolta's 45 years of extensive design, development, and production of planetariums are somewhat overshadowed. Capturing images of the sun, moon, planets, and stars and presenting in an astrodome, Minolta's planetariums combine advanced imaging technologies with a clear vision of the future. A wonder of optics, electronics, and precision mechanics, these specialised instruments have enabled people a first glimpse into the mysteries of space.

Illuminating the riddles of the universe

Previously obscured from the human eye, Minolta's range of planetariums brings to light the secrets and marvels of space. Planetariums reveal a wealth of spectacular space phenomena, enabling the sight of solar and lunar eclipses, comets, meteors, sun systems, and more. Astronomic events lasting a year or more can be shown in mere minutes, and the boundaries of vision range from 2.500 up to a dazzling 28,000 stars.

A global vision

The manufacturing location for each instrument is at Minolta's planetarium production facility in Toyokawa-city. After its first planetarium export to Finland in 1969, in 1970 the US became Minolta's largest customer, purchasing planetariums for schools, universities, scientific institutions, and the government. In fact, governments account for the majority of planetarium purchases, and very few private companies own these high-powered, optical tools. In addition to European installations in Finland, the UK, and Portugal, Minolta erected planetariums in more than 250 sites worldwide.

Fascinating diverse audiences

Planetariums are for education as well as entertainment, and Minolta has spent 45 years developing technology for both the general public and scientific community. "The Infinium" satiates the curiosity of both audiences by envisioning the sensation of leaving earth and travelling through space- a phenomenon rare to the majority of people. As a testament to Minolta's advancing technology, the MEDIAGLOBE is the world's first compact, full-colour, full-dome digital planetarium that recently made its debut in the US. Originating from a primitive glance at the stars, these planetariums evolved to provide spectacular multimedia shows.

More than just cameras

Minolta is renowned for being a printer, copier, and camera manufacturer. While planetariums may seem somewhat distant from other product lines, they capture the essence of Minolta's 75 years of optical and mechanical expertise. With its advanced optical capabilities and long-term investment in planetariums, Minolta brings space and its mysteries into focus.

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