International Meteor Conference 2002 Announcement September e-mail:

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Ostrowik, 14 July 2002

Dear Friends, We would like to draw your attention to coming deadline of registration on IMC 2002. If you want to participate please send your Registration Form as soon as possible to IMO with at least 50 Euro prepayment. Full registration fee is 100 Euro and includes:

- logging,
- full meals,
- coffee breaks,
- half day excursion at the Cathedral Hill,
- two way transport from Gdansk to Frombork,
- conference proceedings,
- full time spiritual experience in Copernicus Town,
- friendly atmosphere.

Transportation: As you know, we will provide you two way bus transport from Gdansk to Frombork. Our bus will start its journey at Gdansk-Rebiechowo Airport and will go to Gdansk-Glowny railway station and then directly to Frombork. We would like to fix the time of departure from the Gdansk-Rebiechowo Airport and Gdansk Glowny in the way most suitable for you. Thus we encourage you to inform us about your arrival time to both places in Gdansk.

Information about getting to Gdansk are available from IMC 2002 homepage at the following URL: However if you want to check it directly we recommend webpages: (railway connections) and (air connections).

If you miss our bus in Gdansk don't worry there are many possibilities getting to Frombork. Two simplest are traveling by train or bus. Bus station (Dworzec PKS) is in a vicinity of Gdansk-Glowny railway station. There are two train connections to Frombork per day, departing at 6:26 and 12:56 with the change in Elblag. Other option is to take a bus which goes directly and goes much faster. The departure times are 9:50, 13:00, 16:35 and 19:15. There are also many trains going to Elblag from Gdansk. When you get to Elblag, the easiest way is to take a PKS bus to Frombork - journey takes only 30 minutes.

If you get completely lost don't hesitate to contact with Kamil Zloczewski who lives in Gdansk and will guide you. Contact phones are: from your mobile +48 609 729 033 and from the public phone 556-74-26.

Visas and invitations: We would like to remind that citizens of some countries need to get a visa or/and invitation to get to Poland. Particularly the IMC future participants from: China, Philippines, Kyrgyz Republic, St. Lucia, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus should contact IMC LOC as soon as possible to get an invitation letter.

Lectures: If you have already decided to give a lecture during the IMC and you know its topic please send it as soon as possible to LOC using e-mail: It will allow us to construct and make available to you comprehensive conference programme at IMC 2002 homepage.

Presentations and multimedia: At the conference there will be a possibility to present files running at MS Office 97/2000, StarOffice, OpenOffice and KOffice, containing images or movies of the following formats: JPEG, GIF, PDF, PS, EPS, TIFF, BMP, FITS, HTML, MPEG, AVI, PCX, PNG, PPM, MP3, WAV and AU. If you want to use other formats please contact our IMC 2002 Computer Specialist Piotr Kedzierski at the e-mails: and

Getting the lesson from the last IMCs we would like to encourage all the participants contributing the IMC lectures and using sophisticated multimedia files and programs to quick contact with Piotr Kedzierski.

Hoping to see you soon in Frombork!
Piotr Kedzierski
Arkadiiusz Olech
Aleksander Trofimowicz
Mariusz Wisniewski
Kamil Zloczewski