Livelier lessons with Netd@ys Europe 2002

by the European Space Agency

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European teachers hoping to liven up their lessons could get some ideas by looking at ESA’s Eduspace site. As part of Netd@ys Europe 2002 ESA proposes that primary or secondary teachers select Earth observation satellite images as the basis for class projects.

Schools can select satellite images to carry out the project of their choice. This could be on their school and the surrounding area, on geographical features such as rivers and mountains, about a town or city or an environmental issue.

Whatever the choice of project, if a suitable satellite image does not exist on ESA’s website then for the best five project proposals received ESA will undertake to provide the image requested. Proposals should clearly identify the image needed, give size and coordinates bearing in mind that the basic resolution is around 30 metres, and contain a short description of the project and what the image is needed for.

Many satellite images can be found in ESA’s Multimedia gallery or on the Eduspace site. The Eduspace site can also provide ideas for projects as well as free downloadable image processing software, a forum and chat room, and a list of other schools participating in Eduspace. All this information can be accessed free once the name of your class and school is registered.

ESA has chosen this project in order to increase awareness among children of the many ways in which satellite images can be used. It is being organised under the Netd@ys 2002 theme Watch it, one of the three themes concerning images chosen for this year's Netd@ys project. Netd@ys is a European Commission initiative to promote the use of new technology, especially the Internet, in education and culture.

Project proposals for ESA’s Netd@ys initiative should be sent to by 31 December. The best projects will be put on the ESA Eduspace website and credit given to the class and school responsible.

For further information contact:
Isabelle Duvaux-Béchon
ESA Education Office